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  1. Steve says:

    Brilliant idea. Thank you.

  2. Sheila M says:

    I think this would be wonderful

  3. Denise Rowland says:

    Not just NO… but HELL NO!

  4. Ellie says:

    Hell NO, what dumb shit started this!

  5. TWHOwner says:

    Hell no. Awful Idea.

  6. TWHOwner says:

    This may sound appealing to the people who have yet to fully considered this idea, but this would definitely lead to the downfall of our breed.

  7. Kelly says:

    “Respect and Gratitude for you – the Tennessee Walking Horse Owner”
    Respect = To avoid violation of or interference with, to feel or show deferential regard for;
    Gratitude – The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.


  8. bob thorton says:

    Yo have got to be kidding. Looks like someone put Jerry Harris up to this since he promotes a “untied as long as it’s my way on thinking” industry. WE DO NOT WANT THE CELEBRATION < SHOW <THE WHTA speaking for us anymore. Get it through you thick heads!

  9. katphoti says:

    I see you aren’t including NWHA or FOSH in this group. And I see that you want to keep the performance division as is. Please, why don’t you start making some REAL change and STOP SORING FOR GOOD. But I doubt that will happen, will it?

  10. Steve says:

    It’s time that the Tennessee Walking Horse industry got back to basics and except this beutiful horse for the way GOD created it!

    Go back to the way the FIRST World Grand Champions were shown!

    Shoe ONLY for protection!

    No action devices of any kind!(Chains, weighted bell boots, etc.)
    No pads!
    Keg shoes no larger than 3/8″ x 3/4″ with no turnbacks.
    Hoof shape should be natural and symetrical.

    Excessive animation should be penalized. It is not an efficiant way of going and is not WHY the breed was created back in the 1800′s.

    • Bradley Dick says:

      “Excessive animation should be penalized.” That is one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve ever read.

      • Susan Lechase says:

        I am sure that what is meant is that excessive animation that is the result of mechanical devices should be penalized.

    • biglickmakesmewannabarf says:

      AMEN!!!!let the breed go back to its original roots and let the show standard be for the natural inherit gait and quit all the artificial man made freak show that everyone else in the equine industry thinks is appalling…because it is!!!

  11. Soli says:

    No other breed and show organization REWARDS lame horses. From the fake head nods induced from bit action, to the praying mantis squat of a horse trying to get the pain off his front legs by flinging them as far away as possible, there is absolutely no redeeming feature of the current state of the TWH show industry. Even other breed organizations that permit action devices (such as used in saddlebreds) do not reward the LAME ones, and certainly the level of so-called action devices is much less. TWHBEA and your crony HIO’s – no one believes you anymore. You’ve cried wolf for decades, lied to our faces at public events, and still you make excuses for yourself. Until the judging standards are changed to reward only natural movement (which means punishing those artificial head nods and squatting, lateral gaits that do not even remotely resemble a running walk), and HPA violations have a zero tolerance policy (any violation means the trainer, the horse, the horse’s owner, and the rider are banned from showing and/or becoming an official with any HIO or the TWHBEA for LIFE)…my money will go elsewhere, I will actively boycott all businesses that support you, and I will provide the (very ample) evidence for your corruption and misdeeds to as many people as possible.

  12. Bradley Dick says:

    WHO is behind this? If your going to start/set up an umbrella have the balls to come out and say “This is who we are, this is what we’re doing, and these are the reasons why we need the WHA or TWHA or what ever name is going to be used”

    Whats your plan? the Walking Horse people want to know.

    Bradley Dick

    Bradley Dick’s Chat Group for TWH

  13. bob thorton says:

    I see it didn’t take the nut jobs long to fins the site. Hell. they most likely developed it. BOO Hoo Bleeding heart nut jobs…gotta love them. Walk on!

  14. Stacey Campbell says:

    I have owned Walking Horses for over ten years and currently have three, two of which are starting their training under saddle. As I ride my greenies, ages 4 and 5, I often think of the Big Lick horses. I have several problems not only with the training of the Big Lick horse but also the look of the finished Big Lick horse.

    I often get comments from my horse friends and colleagues in other breeds about how ugly and lame the Big Lick horse looks. Even my non-horsey friends and family think it looks disgusting. When they hear about soring they can not understand how someone can do that to their horse. They comment on how lovely mine look when they gait and ask why would anyone want to change the natural way of going. I have heard a lot of different reasons for keeping the performance division but not one reason makes sense to me. I think it’s shameful that people can be caught soring and this industry does nothing. If someone breaks the law they should be punished, period. If someone hurts a horse for the win they should be punished, period. All it would take would be lifetime suspensions and jail time for owners and trainers.

    My idea of a performance horse comes from the old photos and videos of the past. I believe we should get back to the roots of our breed and take away the stacks and pads. Show the world that we care about our breed. Encourage trainers to wait a year or two before starting babies under saddle. Riding two year old babies is bad no matter what breed is doing it. Pointing fingers and saying “but so and so does this” is not a rational reason for breaking down our horses.

    We should show the world that we are smart, educated, horsemen and women. Show that we can change and stand up to abuse. Imagine outsiders looking at us with respect rather than disgust. It really is just as easy as it sounds if those in charge have the guts to stand up for what is right instead of caving in to those with money and power. Doing the right thing is not always easy and if we continue down this road with the Performance division it will be more than just the horses that will suffer in the end.

    • Bradley Dick says:

      “why would anyone want to change the natural way of going. I have heard a lot of different reasons for keeping the performance division but not one reason makes sense to me.”

      What is it that you don’t understand? Does it not make sense to you that thousands of people want to reward the horses that do the most in the ring? What is wrong about having a horse that has the talent to be able to perform with exaggerated animation? I do not think that out right banning pads it the right choice. “Imagine outsiders looking at us with respect rather than disgust.” plenty of other animation breeds also use the pads, Morgans, Arabs, Saddlebreds, and Hackneys. outsiders don’t look at those horses with disgust, do they?

      Do we have a lot of problems? Yes we do, and in a lot of areas. But a TWH having inherent extreme animation and having on a properly shod plastic pad on the bottom of the hoof is NOT one of those problems.

      • MindyW says:

        I didn’t realize the horses were rewarded for being animated. What reward exactly do they receive? Extra apples? Time off? A back rub later?

        Oh… the ribbons. Yes, I see your point. Horses with lots of animation probably LOVE ribbons.

  15. MindyW says:

    There are talkers, and there are doers. I’ve often found that talkers are really good at stopping doers from getting anything done. This is no different. Folks, the days of bear baiting, dog fighting, and Big Lick are gone. Dead and gone. How is it that you haven’t figured that out yet?

    • Bradley Dick says:

      How can you even compare those? seriously? The big lick days gone? Then how do you explain 20,000 people in the stands at this years grand championship show in support of the Big Lick World Grand Champion TWH’s?

      • katphoti says:

        It’s easy to compare them…all of those examples exists because the goal is to abuse animals for human entertainment. It needs to stop. Step up, TWH industry. Stop making us all look like abusers and end the soring and the Big Lick once and for all.

        • Bradley Dick says:

          The Big Lick and abuse do NOT go hand in hand…. Most Big Lick fanciers want honest horses in the show ring and DO NOT condone abuse of any kind! I’m totally against abuse but do not associate them as one in the same when they are CLEARLY not.

          There is also NOTHING wrong with having or showing animals for entertainment nor is there anything wrong with an animal working for it’s keep.

          • katphoti says:

            But there is something wrong with forcing a horse to look like a crippled, frightened pawn rather than the beautiful animal it naturally is. They absolutely go hand in hand. 90% of all HPA violations in 2008, 2009 and 2010 combined were on stacked horses. People can pretend that the BL and soring don’t go hand in hand all the want. But the proof is in the numbers.

          • suzi clark says:

            Here is a direct comment in reguards to a question answered “Is fixin an act of cheating.”

            Bradley Dick not talking about what’s legal or not…. I’m talking about the mentality of US… DO WE see it as cheating??? doesn’t matter what the world thinks if we as a collective whole have a set point of view. And until that mind set is SET to the RIGHT thing, then the RIGHT things can not, nor will be done.

            Enough said.

    • Susan Lechase says:

      In my neck of the woods frequently the same people are involved in all of those things.. add cock fighting to the list as well.

  16. Donna says:

    As a TWH owner I do not want others speaking nor making decisions that effect me or my horses without my consent. Those of us who support performance horses would like to know who the people are that are making these decisions. Keep in my that if we give an inch they will take a mile. Other groups also need to remember that if these groups succeed with there TWH agend…who will they come after next?

  17. Pamella C. says:

    I have been in the horse industry for over 30 years. Started with Quarter Horses. Saddlebreds, jumpers. I have seen many a quarter horse “hung” from rafters, feet nerved, nerves in neck and tail cut. I’ve seen quarter horses die. I’ve seen them “pole” jumpers to the extent of blood running down their flanks and breaking open in the show ring. Saddlebreds with welded chains on their feet. Arabs that are cross tied in place with shakles where one would whip while another person would make the horse “float” in place I’ve worked for Arab & saddlebred barns where once they found out I was into WH they assumed i had access to the “oil” and wanted the “oil” for their breeds. Alls fair in love and war and horseshows. I would love to have the USDA scrutinize all breeds as they do the WH. Who knows what they’ll find

    • suzi clark says:

      This comment is called deflection. AEEP White paper proves the abuse that is inflicted upon the TWH is the most significant equine welfare issue than any other breed or discipline. Stop pointing the finger in the other direction and take some responsibility for once.

  18. steve w says:

    This just seems like an idea that would have some merit at a basic level…. But to take it seriously here without the person(s)even signing their name to the idea, is just another waste of time.

  19. Walkingattwilight says:

    Our breed has suffered the worst attrocities due to the abuse of the Padded Horse world. I refuse to call them “performance” horses because what they do looks more a struggle that a pleasure to watch and there is nothing in showing them that consitutes a performance horse. That definition would most accurately be a versatility horse. It is not necessary for gait to put all those “action devices” again the definition is not correct. They are torture devices. Pick up your voice magazine and look at the BL action shots….now look at their faces? Do you she a happy working show horse or one that is trying to get off their sore feet? What I am saying here is that the action devices themselves are painful to the front limbs of a horse. I don’t see unnity happening as long as things are status quo. When known abusers are allowed to show an be on the board of WHTA, WHOA, and TWHBEA. My thoughts are with the horse though. How can some of you go to sleep knowing your horse is forced to live in a stall, legs wrapped in plastic (there is no heathy reason for this), and harness on to brace the tails. And excuse me a good point being made that this page says “unity” but has excluded the sound horse groups such as FOSH, NWHA and IWHA? If it is TRULY unity you seek, then include all groups or is this REALLY a way of circling the wagons around the padded horse. Oh and since everyone wants to say how much experience they have with horses I have 43 years experience, over 33 years with TWH.

    • Bradley Dick says:

      Evelyn Perreault, yet the worst crimes that have been caught have been on flat shod horses.

      Here IS a picture of a BL horse, he looks happy to me.

      You claim that every padded horse is sore, then why are their only a handful of people on the federal suspension list for soring?

      I don’t don’t see unity either as long as people like you are wanting to eliminate an entire faction of the Breed that thousands of people love and adore, the exaggerated animation of the Big Lick TWH.

      Having an imperfect record does not mean those people are abusers, nor does it mean that they still can not help to improve our breed and work towards the better goal for our industry. True abuse gets you with appropriate penalties and fines to the severity of their infraction. What more do you want? People are banned for life for pressure shoeing from the industry, the Government will only suspend a person for pressure shoeing for 5 or so years…

      And it’s really surprising that you call living in a warm clean freshly bedded stall with plenty of food and water with daily exercise as abuse, would you rather them be out in a pasture cold, having no shelter, where injuries are very common where they aren’t exercised nor receive the best food or care…..

      Where is it on the fosh’s or nwha’s orgs that they welcome all TWH’s and are activity seeking out unity? See no, they can’t even unify themselves even yet they are supposed to have the same goals? and Why would the people that LOVE the exaggerated animation of the TWH want to join with groups that seek to punish and want to eliminate the exaggerated animation of the TWH? That makes no sense at all for a group of people that want to promote sound and honest padded horses with people that hate the padded horse and equate just merely having pads on automatically in their minds as the horses being sore… This is just not the case and it’s funny that even you have emitted this but change your story when ever you get a chance to bash the padded horse…. Why do you need 3 or more “sound” horse orgs? Why don’t they merge into one group themselves?

      See the padded side is more than ready to accept and welcome all factions of the breed and support the breed together as a whole so we can work on all of our problems and gain unity for the betterment of the breed. We do not live in a perfect world where everyone is perfect, we have to work with what we have and improve upon it by making the right choices to move towards a better goal. That goal is for our people to have fun, for ALL to enjoy their involvement with the Great TWH, for people to make a living, for people to buy good horses, and for people to be able to sell good horses at their appropriate value.

      We are moving towards a better tomorrow, and in order to do that we must all come together put aside our personal differences and preferences and help the breed as a whole. Rewarding the good will always have more positive productively than a negative reaction to the wrongs instilled.

      Those of the absolute mentality will die off and improve nothing in their bickering and day dreaming… You want to see real change support the WHOLE breed and ALL the factions inside it. Reward those that do the right thing and move towards actions that ignore those who do the wrong….

      Removing yourself from action because you can’t have it all your way is extremely counter productive and only sets progress back.

      I encourage those of you who have a TWH to join TWHBEA support the entire breed and lets make help to make ALL divisions better.

      • Susan Lechase says:

        May I interject a friendly reminder that horses are not people and that yes, they would prefer to be out in a pasture with their friends than in your nice warm barn. There is little chance of injury if they are barefoot. The stall sounds great to you because you are a person, but horses are not designed to live in stalls and for optimal health should be free to move about at will.

        • Bradley Dick says:

          a stall does not equate abuse, and it’s asinine to portray a work horse that’s stall kept as being abused, but rather the opposite. Feel free to let your own horses roam free if that is your preference, but my and many many other’s preference is for our work and show horses to be stalled.

          • Susan Lechase says:

            OK.. you are back to YOUR preference, whereas before you stated that it was the horse’s preference.. thanks for clarifying that. So the poor work horse has to live in a stall most of his life because that is your preference, instead of living a closer to natural lifestyle. And yes, it is my preference to allow my horses to romp and play and be a natural happy horse herd, because my job comes from seeing my horses putting on a show for me that is unrehearsed and not mechanized. I gain no pleasure from forcing my animals to “work” in such frivolous ways that require chains and oddities and pain. In my mind these are excuses for poor riding and training and do not in any way celebrate the animal’s natural way of going. I have been told by some that the horses are “bred” for this. Seems like they were actually bred out of it or the weird shoes, etc would not be necessary.

  20. Gary Redman says:

    This Industry will never unite until we all learn to put the horse first.
    Most members of all “want to be in charge groups” have a personal agenda-tie my horse first, breed to my stallion, buy my paper, shop at my store, buy a horse from me, show at my show, etc.
    we wouldn’t have an Industry if it wasn’t for the horse, but we continue to ignore it’s needs.
    It is a joke to try to organize any management group with people who have a personal agenda. Look at the present appointees for the Unity Committee (personal agendas). Why is The Celebration represented in this try to unify? What could they possibly bring to the table except the desire for financially improving their agenda.
    It should be about the horse!!!!!!!
    Get corruption out of this Industry.

  21. Sorry, but I will have to firmly debate with this posting. Never the less, I thoroughly grasp that in fact we all may have our specific stance.

  22. Brooke Havarty says:

    Wow, I am amused and at the same time appalled by those of you saying that you are trying to ‘save’ the TWH. What I would lke to know is just in the hell died and left you all to be God?! I have two padded horses and I can guarentee you they are 100% sound. They work sound, they show sound they live sound and they WIN! I also have a variety of park pleasure and other flat shod horses……ALL SOUND! So for all of you extremists out there I do take offense to you ASS-uming that just because they are padded they are sore. You people are ludicris and ridiculous! Why in the hell you think youre God Almighty himself I have no idea!There is not a damn one of you out there actually helping this breed, OUR BREED, by slamming, trashing and slandering everyone that decides to do something with their horse other than have it look like a homeless piece of trash! If you want to help the breed join together and quit working against one another…..however it seems for most of you tree huggers its your way or the highway…..pathetic:(

  23. TWH OWNER II says:

    BINGO Brooke Havarty !! Right On !

    Btw: you read some of these “anti” posts and no wonder why this country is in the shape it is ??

  24. Everett Allen says:

    Great horse. Best thing for the horse and our industry is to support your local showes, TWHBEA, and show your horse at as many showes as you can.

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